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 Several years ago I needed a software for quantitative biomarker analysis to use in my research, but was unable to find one that met my needs or expectations. I enlisted the help of a brilliant computer science post-doc at UC Davis, David F. Wiley,  and decided to develop the software with his help.  It took a few years  to get this project done and David F. Wiley, PhD went on to co-found Stratovan where he is also the President and CEO .

OTMIAS® is a quantitative image analysis software that can be used to perform DNA policy cell cycle analysis, proliferative activity assay, apoptosis assay, and quantitative biomarker analysis on sections of formalin-fixed and paraffin-embedded tissues or cells or cell lines. It is unique in that it uses reference standards for reproducible quantitation of biomarker expression with results of the analysis expressed as Otmias Units (OU). The proliferative activity and apoptosis assays are also performed with reference standards. 

Although previous versions were available for both Mac and Windows PCs, the current release of OTMIAS® works only on MacOS 13.0 up to MacOS 14.2 on Macs with Intel chips, or Macs with Apple silicon running Rosetta. It may work on Windows PC running MacOS in emulation. 

Examples of research publications in which OTMIAS® was used:

p120 Catenin Suppresses Basal Epithelial Cell Extrusion in Invasive Pancreatic Neoplasia

CRM1/XPO1 expression in pancreatic adenocarcinoma correlates with survivin expression and the proliferative activity.

I am providing OTMIAS®  licenses for individual users to download and use in their research for free.  The Downloads-Tutorials page houses the software download file, a brief user manual, video tutorials that I have previously recorded, and practice images to use with the video tutorials which is the easiest and quickest way to learn how to use OTMIAS®. To access the page you will need to enter a username and password . This is needed to keep track of who uses the software  and how many so I may consider future updates. Use of OTMIAS® requires accepting the license agreement, a copy of which can be accessed in the Download-Tutorials page. I may consider providing control cell blocks for free to be used with OTMIAS® to registered users from academic institutions; more details in the Downloads-Tutorials page.

You may request a username and password using the Contact Us form, although we may not be able to accommodate every request we receive.

For more information on OTMIAS®  click to download the manual.

Thank you for your interest in OTMIAS® .

Mamoun Younes, MD

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